Jack Barnes Sr. : By Your Leave, Sir

By Your Leave, Sir

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Hollister Press

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July 3, 2015



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Hitching a ride in a stolen U.S. government Secret Service car, just minutes before police lights appeared in the rear-view mirror, put 17-year-old Jack H. Barnes in a spot that volunteering for the U.S. Navy seemed like a good idea. Once it got to know him, the Navy wasn’t so sure it agreed. In the summer of 1945, he found himself on the unfinished, under-supplied USS Pine Island, en route to Tokyo Harbor.

In By Your Leave, Sir, Barnes tells the story of how he got himself into hot water, out into the middle of the ocean, into more hot water, and onto a Japanese seaplane. It’s the Pacific during World War II as you’ve never seen it before.

Editorial Reviews

"If you were in the Navy, you know what a "sea story" is, and these are great, and these have the added attraction of truth.The book was apparently encouraged by family members, and I'm glad the author had it written. It was well worth the price to read it. Makes me wish I knew the guy." -bobhawk

"A different view of World War II, "By Your Leave, Sir" is a wild ride! It's laugh out loud funny, sometimes tear-inducing, and always over the top! I'm sure I'll read it many times. It's just that much fun!" -Lightfoot

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