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Women and Aging, Memoirs / Personal Reflections, Growing Older

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About the Author

Jacinthe continues to enjoy her nomadic lifestyle that began thirty-five years ago. She has lived and worked in Sri Lanka, Dominica, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, the Sudan, Indonesia, Uganda and is presently living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

It was Jacinthe’s time in Jinja, Uganda that created the opportunity for her work on ‘Young Voices of the Nile’. Far from a slow and quiet life just off the shore of Lake Victoria, Jacinthe volunteered 5 days a week at Amani Baby Cottage, a local Ugandan orphanage, helping to look after the ‘Baby A’ group – newborns to 12 months old. In addition to her time at the orphanage, she also worked with a local group specializing in life skills training for high risk women looking for a new start (most women are either recovering addicts or former prostitutes).

Jacinthe holds a MEd in Counselling and provides individual and relationship counselling through her local private practice. She is married to a civil engineer (the reason for her 35 years of nomadic living), has two sons and is the very proud grand-maman of four beautiful granddaughters.

A Little Bit About Skidding Sideways…

Jacinthe co-authored (along with her two sisters, Charlotte O’Dea and Francoise Picot) a series of personal reflections on their own transformative journey into the new world of fifty and beyond. Their oft-times emotionally bare reflections touch on various hot spots in a woman’s life during this time including the new landscape of marriage, changing family dynamics and the need for forgiveness.