Jabulani Nzilane : The Naked President

The Naked President

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“TheRainbow Nation is under siege from the Asasabonsam, an African vampire unleashed by Mr. Godwin Mpiyakhe Mchunu.

He is the President of both the Republic of South Africa and the Azanian National Convention political party who has fallen out of favour with his political organisation and is about to be recalled from government. He has embezzled the state coffers and built himself a palace at his rural homestead in Kwazulu Natal and now his party is fed up with his megalomaniac behaviour.

In order to consolidate his position and remain in power, he employs the help of this dark, sinister and evil entity and only Bronte Cerwin, a Wiccan Priestess and a Psychology lecturer at the University of Pretoriaand Zwelindaba Zungu, a Pretoria News newspaper investigative journalist can foil his shadowy intentions and stop his evil plan.

In their journey to battle this evil, they are assisted by a Catholic Priest, a Hindu Guru, and an Islamic Imam, a Jewish Rabbi, a Shaman and a Voodoo practitioner with a thrilling encounter”.

In this coming of age novel, all religions must put aside their faith differences and fight for the survival of the nation and possibly the universe.

Never has a book been written in this world where all major religions and faiths come together to fight an evil that is about to destroy the planet.

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