Iman Gatti : Cracked Open – Never Broken: A Memoir

Cracked Open – Never Broken: A Memoir

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Biographies & Memoirs, Self-Improvement

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Tara Danielle LaDue, Gabrielle Bernstein, Rebecca Campbell

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Publish Your Purpose Press

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November 14, 2017



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When she was six-years-old, Iman Gatti witnessed the tragic death of her mother. This began a journey in which her childhood and culture were stripped away from her only to be replaced by a decade of abuse and neglect at the hands of those appointed to protect her. Yet in this darkness, Iman held on to the light within her. A light her mother taught her was far too bright to ever be extinguished. In Cracked Open - Never Broken, Iman takes readers on a journey through a childhood of loss, heartbreak, and isolation as she clings to the hope of a life she always dreamed of. Her memoir is for anyone who refuses to succumb to the role of the victim, and instead chooses to live with an unbreakable spirit and overflowing compassion. Through sheer determination, strength, and resilience Iman overcomes the unimaginable. She is proof that, when faced with extreme suffering, the power of the human spirit can endure and transcend. Iman believes we all possess the power of forgiveness and that we can transform our trauma into triumph.

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