Bishop James I Feel God Brown : 12 Winning Qualities of a Highly Competent and Influential Leader

12 Winning Qualities of a Highly Competent and Influential Leader

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Fact: Leaders are often made and seldom born.

“Who Else Wants to Efficiently Lead Any Team to Success By Possessing the 12 Winning Qualities of a Highly Competent and Influential Leader?”

Does any of these sound familiar to you? · Your career is stuck in a rut because nobody believes in your leadership capabilities. · You don’t have the confidence to lead a team of people towards achieving a goal. · You don’t know how to develop the vast leadership potentials within you. · You want to become the most effective and influential leader you can ever be.

Contrary to popular belief that leaders are born, real leadership is actually about having or acquiring certain qualities that will make others follow you; not because they need to, but because they confidently believe in you.

And even though you’re not born with such qualities, it’s never a problem.

All it takes is the dedication in developing these winning qualities.

Yes, qualities that make a leader are not always inherent. Most of the time, they are being developed and further improved in order to bring out the best leader out of a person.

Each one of us influences thousands and thousands of people during our lifetime.

Hence, the question is no longer about if you can influence them, but about how you will be able to influence them through your leadership.

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