Concepta Jones : Raising Confident Daughters

Raising Confident Daughters

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Children & Teens, Parenting

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Leslie Ludy, Nicole Weider, Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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August 2015



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Raising Confident Daughters is for any parent/caregiver of teen girls. It focuses on how parents can be the Godly role model in their lives in the midst of an age and time that is flooding them with everything but God. It talks about helping them find their true identity in Christ and learning to love who God created them to be.

Editorial Reviews

“Great short book, very easy read with excellent points!! I read it immediately for ways to connect with my daughter, age 14. There are many great references and reminders in here we need to hear!”

– Iris Goodrum, IT Leadership Development Coach

“I would highly recommend this Ebook to all caregivers (parents) with young daughters, middle school and through high school. Concepta carefully lays out in detail all the pressures faced by girls in today’s world and gives sound advise on how to approach them, talk with them and teach them the importance of self confidence and self esteem. She imparts great wisdom for those caring for these young and impressionable girls on how to prevent them from falling into the “peer pressure trap” and also how to help them recognize the importance of understanding that they loved, acceptable and worthy, just as they are.”

– Evelyn Littlefield, Coordinator of Lay Ministries, Belfast United Methodist Church

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