Ian Sutherland : Social Engineer: A Deep Web Thriller

Social Engineer: A Deep Web Thriller

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Computers & Internet , Mysteries & Thrillers

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Ian Rankin, Jeffery Deaver, Tom Clancy

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86 pages




Brookmans Books

Publication Date

7th August 2014



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A pharmaceutical company under cyberattack from China. The chemical formula for their Alzheimer’s drug at stake.

Can elite hacker Brody Taylor fortify their cyber-defences before it's too late? And can hackers ever be trusted?

Hired by a global pharmaceutical company to perform a penetration test against their digital defences, elite hacker, Brody Taylor, applies his computer mastery and repertoire of audacious confidence tricks to access their most secure systems.

Can Brody obtain the secret chemical formula for their latest drug? Are his motivations as pure as they first appear? Could his new girlfriend somehow be influencing Brody’s actions?

Accurately depicting real-world, modern-day computer hacking, social engineering and penetration testing techniques, SOCIAL ENGINEER is a standalone novella that introduces Brody Taylor and the Deep Web Thriller series.

The Deep Web Thriller series features Brody Taylor, an elite computer hacker who specialises in hacking the weakest link of all computer systems: the humans who use them.

SOCIAL ENGINEER - A Deep Web Thriller #0

INVASION OF PRIVACY - A Deep Web Thriller #1

If you love intricately plotted thrillers with unexpected twists that are packed with technology and great characters, get SOCIAL ENGINEER now.

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