Steve Austin : The Writer's Toolkit: How to Own and Craft a Powerful Message

The Writer's Toolkit: How to Own and Craft a Powerful Message

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What is your story?

Deeper than your name, hometown, and favorite color. What's the story you obsess over at night? The one you struggle with when you're all alone? What's the story that haunts your prayer time or makes you feel like you shouldn't even pray at all?

What's the one story you are dying to tell?

Do you want to tell the story of something really great you accomplished, but fear sounding like a pompous ass? Do you want to tell the story of the hardest lesson you ever learned, but don't know how to say that the story isn't over yet? You're frustrated because you feel stuck in the middle of learning it and wonder if you really have anything to offer someone else?

Am I right?

Our stories are all different. The details change from person to person but the one common denominator is that all of our stories have power.

I am Steve Austin. I have been telling my story of messy grace since 2010. Along the way, I've found this story resonates deeply. I've had stories featured on The Huffington Post, Good Men Project, The Mighty, and Covenant Eyes. I'm on the Board for Altarwork and a staff writer for Venn Magazine.

This downloadable PDF is an easy-to-use set of worksheets. Think of it as a writer's toolkit. It's full of useful information to inspire, encourage, and challenge you to own and tell your story.

It's your story. It's time to own it. Let me help.

Editorial Reviews

  • "This is a fantastic resource from Steve Austin. It is a useful tool for writers, storytellers, leaders, and those interested in furthering their own healing journey." -Sean Swaby, Editor at Good Men Project, Writer at
  • "This is a fantastic resource to help would-be writers, speakers, preachers, and newbie bloggers learn how to tell YOUR story in a way that genuinely connects with people." -Kristie Burch,
  • "If you've ever thought about writing or telling your life story, you might want to check this out." -Christine Callister Walker,
  • "I have a story to tell and I can't wait to use Steve's "tell your story" formula to craft my message of awesome. Look out world!" -Amye Still

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