Steve Austin : A Self-Care Manifesto for Hard Days

A Self-Care Manifesto for Hard Days

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Everyone has hard days.

Not everyone understands the necessity of self-care.

I didn't.

And it nearly killed me.

Now, several years into recovery from a major suicide attempt, I have learned a lot of lessons. I'm thrilled to share them with you now in this quick and easy-to-read mini e-book.

Be challenged and encouraged to take better care of yourself. Your life matters!

Editorial Reviews

  • If you've ever struggled with mental illness, you know the desperate fight to keep your head above water, the inability to meet others' expectations and the crushing stigma. You need to know you're not alone and you can make it. This book will give you just that. Even more, it gives you permission and shows you how to slow down, take a deep breath, and care for yourself. This is a must-read!

-Sarah Simmons,

  • If you've gotten busy with life, putting everyone else's needs before your own, you need to read this. Take a few minutes to be reminded that you are important, your thoughts are valuable, and your needs deserve to be met. Self-care isn't just a buzzword to give you an excuse for a long hot bath, it's a practice that equips us to handle life and love our people well.

-Maria Davis,

  • We need self-care each day, but especially when the hard times hit. Each page of this book can stand alone as a daily quote of inspiration. I
    want to post the truths found in this manifesto everywhere I look often –
    mirror, phone, office
    wall, fridge! This book is short enough to read over and over again –
    it’s a collection of reminders to keep things in perspective, to breathe, to trust yourself, to face the storm. And to remember you are
    more than your emotions and your current mental state.
    Steve Austin speaks from the experience of many hard days of his own.
    He applies his gifts of encouragement and communication to his
    understanding of anxiety, depression, and mental illness to reach all of

-JJ Landis, Author of "Some Things You Keep"

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