Max Hoven : Fall Peak Issue One (Pre-Release Rough Digital Copy)

Fall Peak Issue One (Pre-Release Rough Digital Copy)

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Comic, Suspense

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Comics and Graphic Novels, Cullen Bunn, Jeremy Haun, Robert Kirkman, Scott Snyder

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After a meek resort worker discovers a half-naked traumatized woman in a cabin, his quest to help her turns into a fight for both their lives, and that of his co-workers.

When an illegal exchange goes wrong in the vast Montana wilderness, two million dollars and a mysterious foreign woman are left stranded in the outskirts of a remote ski resort during the Fall off season. Shortly after, an anxious resort worker finds the woman hiding in an empty mountain home and a group of campers discover the cash while out on a weekend rendezvous at the resort’s secret paradise, Fall Lake.<br><br>?Fearing the woman may be in danger, the resort worker teams up with his neighbors to help her, which unintentionally puts them all within reach of a ruthless assailant; meanwhile, the lucky campers nearby attempt to escape town with the cash before any repercussions can catch up to them.<br><br>Unfortunately for all, the dangers arrive more brutal and fearsome than imagined. When the situation becomes nearly inescapable, the locals pursue help even deeper in the woods, only to find there is a new and greater evil waiting.

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