Gerard O'Driscoll : Essential Guide to Smart Home Automation Safety & Security

Essential Guide to Smart Home Automation Safety & Security

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The book was updated as of November 7, 2015 with new information



About the Book   

Imagine using various types of smart home connected devices to help increase the security levels against would be intruders?

In this mini book, detail is provided on six key smart systems that you can use to enhance your family’s home security levels. Here are the smart home security systems you will learn about:

  • Smart Alarm Systems
  • Smart IP Cameras
  • Smart Combo Alarm Devices
  • Smart Access Control & Smart Locks
  • Smart Doorbells

In addition to covering the integration of alarm and fire detection systems with your smartphone App, this book also deals with adding smart air quality control, water and freeze alert capabilities to your home. Written by international smart home automation expert and bestselling author, Gerard O’Driscoll, this book includes technical illustrations, examples of how smart homes are helping people, insights from Gerard and details of an awesome monthly giveaway.

Bonus also included - Order right now and you’ll also receive a special discount coupon for launched a course titled Home Automation for Beginners: Create Your Own Smart Home.

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