Katherine Hines : They Call Me Momma Katherine: How One Woman’s Brokenness Became Hope for Uganda’s Children

They Call Me Momma Katherine: How One Woman’s Brokenness Became Hope for Uganda’s Children

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Do you ever sell yourself short? That’s what Katherine Hines did before she realized she was selling God short. After years of tragedies, Katherine learned that God could do more in her life than she ever imagined if she trusted Him and believed. She discovered that He wants to change lives through us and bless us in the process. Whoever we are, wherever we came from, God can use us to make a difference in someone’s life.

Katherine’s story begins with tragedies, but God touched her heart at a crusade and led her to Uganda as a missionary to the children. Leaving her prestigious job and home, she went to a land of mud huts and polluted water. In the midst of sickness and poverty, she loved and cared for the orphans of the war-torn country, as she faced witch doctors and Muslim agitators. Katherine shares her life story to help us know that we can all make a difference – if only we let God . . .

Editorial Reviews

I have never met anyone who has worked harder to provide for the orphans,
vulnerable children, and the widows. Hines is a woman with integrity whose
heart overflows with love for the hurting children and, above all, for our God.
She has done a remarkable job of helping and caring with a compassionate heart
for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the people. In addition to
her tremendous testimony of resisting the African bugs, mosquitos, flies, and
the diseases that come with them, she is the girl who never left. I am thrilled
to be part of Hines Ugandan Ministries.


Pastor, Kamonkoli Presbyterian Church, Assistant
Director of Hines Ugandan Ministries

Hines is a missionary who lives out her calling passionately. Everything in her
life is centered on pouring out the love of Jesus to all the children and to
all the staff working alongside her in Uganda. She sees people of all ages the
way Jesus sees them. She sees individuals in need of a touch from Christ and in
need of another chance. She embodies what Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky
wrote: “To love a person means to see him the way God intends him to be.”
Katherine knows Jesus’ good intention for everybody regardless of what their
present circumstances are, and she invests herself in making those intentions
reality. As you read this book, I trust that you’ll experience how exciting
life is when we, like Katherine, dare to live with a constant “yes” to Jesus’
calling on our lives – no matter how crazy His calling may sound.

Riis Jensen

Missions Pastor, Bear Valley Church, Lakewood, Colorado

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