Heather C. Lewis : Last Candidate Standing

Last Candidate Standing

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May 21, 2016



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Fresh out of college, Brendan Miller takes an internship at a unknown political party in hopes of gaining experience to complement his new degree. But just as he adapts to the hectic pace of a presidential election, the campaign trail turns deadly and Brendan finds himself involved in a perilous race to the White House.

Despite what the polling numbers and meddling journalists have to say, Brendan is certain that his party's nominee is capable of ending the bipartisan clash in America. To make that happen, he must spread his candidate's message across the country while protecting himself and those he loves from a mysterious threat terrorizing the political community.

Are the American people ready for a new party to lead their country? More importantly, will any of the candidates survive until November?

As Election Day approaches and the body count rises, only the votes will tell.

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