Heather Caliri : Beholding the Holidays

Beholding the Holidays

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Does the approaching holiday season fill you with the tiniest smidge of dread?

You like Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s. But the expectations–oh, the expectations. Will your holiday be meaningful? Peaceful? Perfect?

Also, when will it be over?

Heather Caliri has always gotten anxious about holidays. But she's discovered a surprising antidote to her anxiety: paying attention. Or as the angels put it, BEHOLDING.

In her brief course, "Beholding the Holidays", you'll learn:

  • A simple but meaningful way to focus your celebration.
  • What you’re already succeeding at each holiday.
  • What your darker emotions might teach you.
  • How to pare down your to-do list and make room for joy.

It's a breath of contemplation before the tinsel blizzard arrives, and a reminder to find joy in the holiday you actually have.

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