H.C.H. Ritz : The Robin Hood Thief

The Robin Hood Thief

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In the face of death comes courage.

Single mother Helen Dawson always wanted to be a hero. Now she's about to get her chance - but only because she's about to die. Given forty-five days to live, Helen sees this tragedy as a calling to do what others can't: turn her increasingly dystopian society upside down.

In a world ruled by economic injustice, Helen plans to steal from the rich and give to the poor - after providing for her teenage daughter. But with no thieving skills and no money, Helen will have to find the right allies and a ton of luck. Can she accomplish all the good she wants in the time that's left - and conquer the dangers to come?

The Robin Hood Thief is the third stand-alone novel by near-future science-fiction author H.C.H. Ritz. If you like fast-paced stories with a futuristic twist, you'll love this book. Begin this remarkable and exhilarating story today!

Editorial Reviews

“Once again H.C.H. Ritz delivers a thoughtful action tale with the high-stakes urgency to keep the pages turning.” - George Wright Padgett, Author of Addleton Heights and Spindown

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