Hugo C. Bygott : Rise of the Young (Book 2 of The Ascended)

Rise of the Young (Book 2 of The Ascended)

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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Fantasy and Sci-Fi, J.K Rowling, Anthony Horowitz, Suzanne Collins, George Lucas

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498 pages



Publication Date

November 14 2016



About the Book    About the Author

How far would you go to learn the truth?

How much would you sacrifice to gain power?

The Shadow Government is moving quickly. Kry, Eclipse, and Whisper must learn how to develop their User abilities to fight against what is coming. Their journey to become User Masters begins as they travel to the Valley of the Mist where deep inside the mountains is the International University of Users.They soon discover that the International University of Users is a place of intense rivalry. At the center is the Cube. And there is only one law within the Cube: to survive.Kry continues to struggle with who he is. The dreams of the two boys are also more frequent and tell of another life. Not only that, there is a struggle within his own mind between two opposing voices. There is an anger within him that is growing, a darkness that may change him forever.

He has already lost so much. What more could he lose?

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