Harrison Becket : The Timefarer

The Timefarer

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History, Fiction & Literature

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Highlander (film), The Matrix (film), Lord of the Rings (Tolkien)

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270 pages




The Evermore Publishing Company

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JACK IS A YOUNG, newly single man living in modern day America. In spite of attempts to connect with his fellow human beings, he continues to feel like an outsider. On the way to work one morning he is involved in a terrible bus accident, which by way of a blow to the head, unlocks the innate ability within him to travel thru time. This single event launches the hero’s adventure, where Jack comes in contact with an ancient order of humans known as Timefarers, who all share this same ability. One in particular, named Marcus (one of Alexander the Great’s generals), takes him under his wing and facilitates his training in the art of combat and time travel. Jack will need his help in order to defeat the forces of evil from the deep past, already conspiring to bring an end to the age of man.

Editorial Reviews

“I had a hard time putting ‘The Timefarer’ down! It’s an engaging tale that is both entertaining and intriguing.”

“The theme carries along similar lines as ‘The Matrix’ or even the older “Highlander” saga in that it takes the reader along on the hero’s journey. While the plot is
familiar, it is still fascinating!”

“The adventures here are both interesting and insightful. The descriptions of key historical locations and events pull you in and make you feel like you are actually there with the characters!”

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