Hannah Sternberg : Bulfinch (Excerpt)

Bulfinch (Excerpt)

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Children & Teens, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Istoria Books

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When a knight and a monk spring from the pages of Rosie’s book, the only people more astonished than the reclusive PhD student are her time-traveling visitors.

Cooped up in a house-turned-museum since the long-ago disappearance of her parents, Rosie is now forced out into the world as her guests wreak havoc on her Baltimore neighborhood. As Rosie tries to figure out how to return the errant duo to their home in history, she also begins to uncover why her parents vanished without a trace seven years ago. But her eccentric Uncle Alvin threatens to stand in her way, before she can discover the truth about Bulfinch and her own childhood.

By turns funny and tender, adventurous and thoughtful, Bulfinch is a whimsical tale about getting lost in a book -- and finding your way out again.

Bulfinch will be available through Amazon.com in print and ebook formats on August 15. If you enjoy this excerpt, consider pre-ordering the book at www.HannahSternberg.com!

Editorial Reviews

“I was astonished at the depth of emotion conveyed in the book. I felt the same way after reading Queens of All the Earth [Sternberg's first book]. Sternberg has such a talent for examining and sharing these deep, deep emotions in such a way that readers get swept up in them as well. The word that came to mind when I read this book was delicious. I felt like I was devouring it and that it was just delicious.” - Allie Duzett, author of The Body Electric

“I’m a sucker for books about knights and monks, and in this delightful tale, a suitably belligerent knight and dreamy monk help a very modern girl solve her very mysterious problems in a very medieval way. Highly recommended.” - H.W. Crocker III, author of The Old Limey

“Meticulously researched, through nifty writing and the art of fantasy, Sternberg brings a couple of characters from the Middle Ages to the present and to life. A terrific read.” - Gary Alexander, author of the Buster Hightower mystery series

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