Halle Eavelyn : Red Goddess Rising

Red Goddess Rising

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She left for Egypt just another tourist on vacation, a disinterested atheist with an unacknowledged, paralyzing fear of death.

Red Goddess Rising follows Halle Eavelyn’s transformation from reluctant spiritual tourist, through the staggering revelation of the truth of her soul, to her new life guiding other travelers though the mysteries of ancient spirituality.

Halle’s experiences of Egypt are woven into fascinating vignettes of spiritual realization and growth. Humorous and timeless, Red Goddess Rising has already been called “enlightening,” “moving” and “funny.”

Editorial Reviews

"Halle Eavelyn tucks the reader into her pocket with vivid candid descriptive snapshots of her years of travel to Egypt. She transports us–one breathtaking and detailed image at a time-to the sacred temples, life-giving Nile, and mysterious pyramids. But the real treasure of the book is not its fresh take on an ancient land; rather, there is a deeper vein of gold–witnessing her unexpected spiritual transformation."

"Even if you're just daydreaming about a trip to Egypt or if you're actually going there, I highly recommend anyone to read Halle's beautifully detailed and spiritual memoir!"

"Halle does an amazing job describing the power that Egypt holds along with the amazing culture, spiritual sites, and food that can be found. Her words brought me into each moment with her. I felt like I went on a small vacation to Egypt while I was reading her words. What a great way to spend a cold winter afternoon! A must read!"

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