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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, Ania Ahlborn

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Some things are worse than zombies.

Horde is novella about five survivors escaping from a large group of zombies. After hearing the converted tornado siren and watching a mass exodus from the campground that has served as home for three months, Percy, Jack, Harry, Melody and Joann make a decision to move further into the state park to find solace from the undead. However, as they move deeper into the forest, a discovery awaits them that is more horrific than what is chasing them.

Editorial Reviews

"An interesting beginning to a new Zombie world. Interesting characters that I would love to learn more about and a bit of a new twist on Zombie lore by presenting modern "killing machine, victims of disease" zombie with a separate strain that are much truer to the zombies of Voodoo." - Goodreads reviewer, Kilgallen

"This is one of those stories that grows on you the more you read. The characters are relatable, but not always likable. There were parts where the interaction between them made me cringe thinking. "My, another macho-man ego trip story". Yet thankfully that passes as the characters end up getting a dose of humble pie.I liked the way they end up fighting the Zombies. This part was original to this title. It’s something that I had not seen yet, and I read a fair amount of zombie titles.I plan on reading more of this series.I recommend this story to readers of the Zombie genre." - Reviewer for Pro-Active Destruction Group.

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