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Gregory M. Thompson is a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror writer with publishing credits in Macabre Realms, Digizine, Aphelion Webzine,Concisely, Digital Dragon Magazine, Dark Gothic Resurrected, Midwest Literary Review, Roar and Thunder, The Fringe Magazine,and more. He also has an award-nominated science fiction piece in the collection, Steampunk Anthology, published by Sonar4 Publications and a horror/western short story in the anthology Welcome to Hell, edited by Eric S. Brown. Nightcry, The Golden Door, and My Only One are three of his novels, released in March and June of 2011 and May 2013 respectively. His most recent published work was “Leaves Falling into Fire” for Brief Grislys, an anthology from Apocryphile Press released in July 2013. He has a forthcoming novel called Grandmother releasing from Black Rose in July.