Greg Kihn : Painted Black (excerpt)

Painted Black (excerpt)

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Painted Black is a Mystery/Thriller about the death of Brian Jones of the legendary rock n’ roll band The Rolling Stones.

Dust Bin Bob is back and he’s hanging in Morocco with Brian Jones, the doomed original guitarist of the Rolling Stones. Find out what happens in the sequel to Rubber Soul, Painted Black. Quote from Greg- If you’re a fan of the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones, Rock N’ Roll, or good fun Mystery/Thrillers, then I think that you’ll really enjoy my book “Painted Black”. I’ve always been a big fan of the Rolling Stones and their music. I remember the first song I heard, the first album I bought and the first riff I learned on guitar. I’ve been lucky enough to play with and also interview members of the Stones. I had a lot of fun writing this novel about Dust Bin Bob & Brian Jones’ adventure together. I used my Rock N’ Roll knowledge & personal experiences with the Stones to write something that I hope you enjoy. Rock on!

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