Gordon Rennie : Department of Monsterology

Department of Monsterology

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Renegade Arts Entertainment

Publication Date

October 8 2014



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'Investigating the forgotten corners of our world, one monster at a time.'

That's the story in a nutshell, however, it doesn't tell you just how action packed, funny, and surprising the story really is.

Gordon has written a wonderfully captivating romp that is a real page turner. Coupled with PJ's engaging artwork, all four issues of Dept. of Monsterology are a joy to read.

The first story arc introduces us to ancient monsters from the depths of the ocean, crystaline creatures from the caves of Eastern Europe, undead armies from the catacombs of Northern China, and the Department’s deadliest rivals of all...

This is Issue 1 of 4. Dept Of Monsterology "Monsterology 101" collects the first miniseries, plus a new one-off called “The Trouble With Harry” where we explore some of the origins of Brain in a jar in a giant Diving Suit Robot Harry Wilmington.

Available in trade paperback on October 8 2014 at bookstores, comic book stores and direct from the publisher at http://www.renegadeartsentertainment.com/comics/dept-of-monsterology-tp-vol1

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