Gopi Menon : Daily Happy Living

Daily Happy Living

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    How to be happy every day in spite of the challenges you face daily?

    The author shows you how make happiness a habit by using the Joycentrix System described in this book.The Joycentrix System is a new philosophy that makes it easier to overcome sadness. It outlines a simple natural way to make Happy Living a habit. You don't have to struggle for years in the 'pursuit of happiness'! Instead you’ll learn a basic, easy-to-follow set of beliefs that make it easier to find happiness in your everyday life.

    The ideas may seem controversial at first, but by following these simple, practical tips, you can make your life a happy one. Some benefits you get from reading this book are:

    • You learn why it is pointless to 'pursue happiness' as explained in Chapter 6
    • How you too can overcome road rage almost overnight as shown in Chapter 12
    • You learn the difference between Pseudo-Happiness vs Real Happiness in the Chapter entitled: Misconceptions About Happiness
    • How a marriage headed for the rocks was saved by applying Happy Living Tips 4 & 5
    • Learn about 'daily miracles' and gratitude in Chapter 8

    Grab a copy today and make Happy Living a Habit!

    READERS REACTIONS to this book:

    1. "The book gives a down to earth approach to achieving happiness, with sufficient, real life examples, and analogies that the reader can relate to..." - Rama M. PhD
    2. "It is like reaffirming my beliefs about GOD. Having read lots of books all talking about being happy and finding happiness, this book comes as a breath of fresh air..." - Jan
    3. "Gopi Menon helps us look at happiness from a heart-warming and soulful point of view. His Joycentrix System is something that is easily remembered..." Linda H. (Educator)
    4. "Truth is simple, so is happiness - is my summary of this amazing book. It was an effortless read yet mind expanding and thought provoking. It bravely addresses essential questions few would dare ask, yet humbly answers..." Ganesh K.

Editorial Reviews

BOOK REVIEW by James Magnus for Reader's Favorites

I've become a fan of his Joycentrix System

"...Daily Happy Living does what the title says, and it does so in a
literate and conversational fashion that is never preachy or judgmental
It's highly recommended. ...The Author's aim in
this book is to share his insights into the attainment of happiness, and
he does quite an impressive job......As a result of reading Menon's book, I've become a fan of his Joycentrix System...." - James Magnus for Reader's Favorites

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