Glen Craney : The Virgin of the Wind Rose: A Christopher Columbus Mystery-Thriller (Excerpt)

The Virgin of the Wind Rose: A Christopher Columbus Mystery-Thriller (Excerpt)

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History, Mysteries & Thrillers

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This sample includes the first three chapters of the novel.

While investigating the murder of an American missionary in Ethiopia, rookie State Department lawyer Jaqueline Quartermane becomes obsessed with a magical word square found inside an underground church guarding the tomb of the biblical Adam.

Drawn into a web of esoteric intrigue, she and a roguish antiquities thief named Elymas must race an elusive and taunting mastermind to find the one relic needed to resurrect Solomon's Temple. A trail of cabalistic clues leads them to the catacombs of Rome, the crypt below Chartres Cathedral, a Masonic shaft in Nova Scotia, a Portuguese shipwreck off Sumatra, and the caverns under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Intertwined with this modern mystery-thriller, a parallel duel is waged:

The year is 1452. One of the most secretive societies in history, Portugal's Order of Christ, is led by a reclusive visionary, Prince Henry the Navigator. He and his medieval version of NASA merged with the CIA scheme to foil their archenemies, the Inquisitor Torquemada and Queen Isabella of Castile, who plan to bring back Christ for the Last Judgment by ridding the world of Jews, heretics, and unbelievers.

Separated by half a millennium, two conspiracies to usher in the Tribulations promised by the Book of Revelation dovetail in this fast-paced thriller to expose the world's most explosive secret: The true identity of Christopher Columbus and the explorer's connection to those now trying to spark the End of Days.

Editorial Reviews

"Read this book if you are prepared to take a wild ride from the modern idea of the upcoming rapture to the the historical theories of the Ark of the Covenant and the Age of Exploration. ... [T]his was a wonderful novel."

-- Goodreads review

"An adventure/thriller. No, an historical adventure. No again, perhaps a double adventure with each story explaining the other. Even that doesn’t quite capture this book. ... A good romp through history and the bringing together of various discoveries that can be explained in several ways or perhaps unexplainable. But then, that is what these type of novels are supposed to do: reveal hidden truths and provide the discovery of secret mysteries. And the well written ones leave you with that question in your mind: Could it have been?"

-- Amazon review

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