Glen Craney : The Spider and the Stone: A Novel of Scotland's Black Douglas (Excerpt)

The Spider and the Stone: A Novel of Scotland's Black Douglas (Excerpt)

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History, Romance

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This sample includes the first three chapters of the novel.

As the 14th century dawns, Scotland’s survival hangs by a spider’s thread. And while the clans fight among themselves for their empty throne, Edward Longshanks of England schemes to annex the northern kingdom to his growing realm.

But one Scot lad refuses to move from the brutal monarch’s path.

James Douglas is cherished by his fellow countrymen as the Good Sir James. Yet his daring raids across the border wreak such havoc that the English brand him the Black Douglas. As a boy, James falls in love with the ravishing Isabelle MacDuff, whose clan for centuries has inaugurated Scottish kings on the hallowed Stone of Destiny. Their bliss is threatened when James befriends Robert Bruce, a bitter enemy of the MacDuffs. Forced to choose between love and clan loyalty, James and Isabelle make a fateful decision that will lead the armies to the bloody field of Bannockburn.

Here is the story of Scotland’s War for Independence and the remarkable events that followed the execution of William Wallace of Braveheart fame. At last, James Douglas takes his rightful place with Wallace and Bruce in the pantheon of Scot heroes. This thrilling epic leads us to the miraculous Stone of Destiny, the famous Spider in the Cave, the excommunicated Knights Templar, the suppressed Culdee Church, and the unprecedented Declaration of Arbroath, which inspired the American Declaration of Independence four hundred years later.

The Spider and the Stone is the unforgettable saga of star-crossed love, spiritual intrigue and heroic sacrifice that saved Scotland and prepared the way for the founding of the United States.


Editorial Reviews

"As a fan of the works of Bernard Cornwell and Robert Low, I am very spoiled when it comes to novels of this genre. I was not disappointed in the least. Very fast moving, and seems to be an authentic portrayal of life in those distant times. Black Douglas/Sir James The Good makes a perfect main protagonist. Kind of reminiscent of the film Brave Heart, but much more accurate. I just loved how Long Shanks is portrayed in this novel. Evil, conniving and mean spirited. A Scotsman's portrayal of History. In fact all the character's are 3D. Robert The Bruce seems vivid, so does William Wallace, Eddie the 2nd, Isabella, etc. Well written and it is Fun stuff!"

-- Amazon review

"Amazingly crafted novel. It is obvious there was a painstaking amount of research done by the author, as he very intelligently filled in the gaps left by the history books. Lovers of Scottish history will love the accuracy and presentation of events, and lovers of a good story will be enthralled by its drama and intensity. I finished it today and feel as though I'm in mourning that it's over."

-- Amazon review

"Loved it! So much fun to read. ... This is a heartbreaking, heartwarming, exciting, interesting, well-written book."

-- Goodreads review

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