Gina Burgess : When Christians Hurt Christians

When Christians Hurt Christians

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278 pages




GB Publishing

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June, 2016



About the Book    About the Author

Gina Burgess provides insight into handling difficult people in the workplace, the church, and with family. With many illustrations and case studies she shows you how certain strategies will help protect against hurtful words and deeds. Gina outlines the importance of preparing your heart for confrontation, or for walking away. She shares much advice from leaders in Christian ministry in the last chapter entitled "Advice from Sages."

Teaching bible studies,Sunday School, and Discipleship Training since 1972 has blessed her with extensive knowledge of God's word. She infuses her writing with godly light speaking to your heart as she would to a beloved friend and soaking it all with her authenticity. She is adept as establishing trust in her readers. Take "When Christians Hurt Christians" home with you for a reminder of the importance of forgiveness, the importance of praying for hearts and behavior to change, and knowing that ultimately we must trust that God's hands hold all of our lives.

Editorial Reviews

When Christians Hurt Christians, others get hurt too! This book brings such situations to light in the many stories of Christians who find resolutions by confronting the truth, praying, and applying scripture to heal wounds and overcome dark areas in need of the Light of Christ. Mary Harwell Sayler, Poet-writer and lifelong lover ofChrist, the Bible, and the Church

I enjoyed reading this riveting book. Although it should never occur, Christians do hurt Christians. But the question is, how to respond to such an awful offense? How does one become healed and delivered after enduring such inexplicable pain? Well ... Gina's book provides both intriguing answers and heart-wrenching examples as she travels her Road to Damascus to answer these questions. You will see through her experiences and pain how to truly deal with difficult people ... This includes bullies. There are several nuggets of godly wisdom which can be effective on your road to recovery, such as:

  • Whatever is not working, let us change it and make it work.
  • Truth is rarely safe, but always good... Truth clothed in love is always good, but may not be received.
  • Forgiveness is a heart change.
  • Jesus makes me complete. No man, mom, dad or sibling, husband or wife can make a person complete.
  • Being holy in all conduct... That means letting the Spirit's fruit ? love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control ? take root on our hearts.

And most importantly, it's jam-packed with scripture to guide and instruct you on applying godly principles when you are wounded by your fellow brother or sister in the body of Christ. This is a must read book which I highly recommend. And if you truly want to let go of the bitterness, anger and feelings of powerlessness, etc. ... Gina's book is for you!

Vernita "Neat" Simmons
Capturing the Spirit of God's Word with Vernita

The workplace can be a place where people are treated unfairly and unkindly. Sadly enough, the same can also be said of some churches. Sometimes it is true that some Christians do hurt other Christians.Over the years at the Louisiana Baptist Children's Home, it is clear that in addition to the more obvious troubles, such as abuse, abandonment, neglect, molestation or desertion, one of the greatest losses was the ability to trust. The Children's Home has been described as a place where a child can learn again how to trust.
With her knowledge of scripture, Gina Burgess offers some practical Biblical ideas regarding responses to hurt. She also includes "advice from sages" in which pastors and other church leaders share their experiences and advice regarding their painful experience.

Clarence Powell
Retired Minister, Louisiana Baptist Children's Home

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