Gillian Marchenko : Sun Shine Down: A Memoir (Excerpt: 1/4 of book)

Sun Shine Down: A Memoir (Excerpt: 1/4 of book)

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Biographies & Memoirs, Parenting

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T. S. Poetry Press

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August 18, 2013



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"Lifting my hand, I placed it on my breastbone and slid it towards my navel. My mid-section felt numb. Pushing down, it was as if I tapped another person's toneless stomach. White gauze held my empty abdomen tight. I had been eight months pregnant."


An emergency C-section, a surprise diagnosis of Down syndrome, a foreign country where you're suddenly feeling deeply alien, and your dreams at risk. What would you do? Would it take you down?


March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day. Want more excellent resources? Visit:

Editorial Reviews

"Her voice is that of the girl next door — immensely real, readable, and sympathetic."

—Annette Gendler, Washington Independent Review of Books

"From the very first page, Marchenko tugs the heartstrings of anyone who has ever experienced—or wanted to experience—parenthood, leaving us with a broadened view of the universe and a deeper understanding of what it really means to love one another."

—Julie Cantrell, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Into the Free

"Gillian Marchenko's Sun Shine Down is a moving account of the birth of her third daughter, Polina. She describes her depression after Polly's birth and her own difficulty in loving her child. Beautifully written, this memoir is hopeful without being glib."

—Susan Olasky, World magazine

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