Geoffrey Neil : Dire Means

Dire Means

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Priorities Intact Publishing

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Oct. 12, 2009



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The city of Santa Monica is under siege. A vigilante launches a mission to destroy homelessness using an unprecedented method. Bodies begin showing up in streets. The vigilante uses the ensuing media frenzy as a tool to warn the public of his clear demand: Be kind to the homeless or risk a horrifying fate. With law enforcement stymied, the coveted beach-side city becomes a virtual armed encampment. Citizens engage in flagrant displays of public kindness as the only way to feel safe outside their homes. Businesses join in, using storefront window signs to flaunt perks for the homeless and avoid being targeted. Mark Denny, a computer technician who does the right thing at the wrong time, is lured and then trapped in the vigilante's scheme to maintain the public's fear-fueled generosity. Mark can end the city’s terror by matching technological wits, but saving his own life will be far more difficult.

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