Gene Poschman : The Case of the Running Bag

The Case of the Running Bag

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It Began with a Simple Accident, or was it an Attempted Murder?

A femme fatale. Her missing husband. A dead private detective. And a dangerous game of mistaken identity...It all started when Jonas Watcher found a business card along with some keys – curious... some money – a really good thing... and a gun...

It's the nineteen thirties and Jonas Watcher must solve the mystery of the dead PI if he wants to stay alive.“The Case of the Running Bag” is the first novel of the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure series. It features a traditional P.I. dealing with extortion, kidnapping, and murder. Author Gene Poschman brings back the hard-boiled detective novel, featuring the romance and humor reminiscent of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

Pick up a free copy of the first book in the Jonas Watcher series and step into the exciting age of the 1930s gumshoe.

Editorial Reviews

From An Amazon Reader

This is good genre fiction. The plot kept me intrigued and the pace kept me captivated. It was difficult to find a stopping point between reading sessions, since I felt compelled to keep going. I can also imagine this story making an entertaining screenplay and movie. The characters are well-developed and interesting. There's a good balance between focus on characters and their relationships, and the unfolding mystery. Some of the terminology was a bit unfamiliar, but that's because of the time setting of the story. And yet, that feature makes it feel more authentic. The author also goes into detail about some technical aspects (such as firearms and ballistics). Those details are not overdone, and they do add substance to the story and help round out the characters. There is violence; people get shot and killed. But the details are not gory. The only sexual content is some innuendos, nothing explicit. I rarely give 5 stars. So, 4 stars means I recommend it as a good example of its genre. This book comes with a bonus: chapter one of the next book in the series.

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