Geetanjali Mukherjee : Goldilocks Lives in Leamington: and other tales of university life

Goldilocks Lives in Leamington: and other tales of university life

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Dec 21 2017



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"I <i style="font-size: 14.399999618530273px;">learnt in my second semester that college life can be thrilling, but you might want to pack a shield."</i>

With plenty of self-deprecating remarks and tongue firmly in cheek, Geetanjali writes about her days as an international student at a leading university in England. Although covering the usual topics of academics and crushes and part-time jobs, this isn't your usual "handbook of student life". Geetanjali takes you along on an adventure as she samples her way across a non-traditional college experience, from joining a Rock Gospel choir to singing in a Portuguese band to fending off sword-attacks in the middle of the night. Whether you are a student embarking on your own college adventure, or simply looking to revisit your university antics, you will enjoy this unique collection of essays.

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