Graphically Christian Studios : Gauntlet Magazine #2: Banner Over Ashes | Fall 2014

Gauntlet Magazine #2: Banner Over Ashes | Fall 2014

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Religion & Spirituality, Fiction & Literature

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C. S. Lewis, Ray Bradbury, Brian Michael Bendis, Cormac McCarthy, Joss Whedon

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36 pages


Graphically Christian Studios

Publication Date

October 2014



About the Book    About the Author

A Christian literary magazine, including:

Poetry: "Fear and Jesus" by Jonathan Matos

"Surrounded", "Land of the Broken, Home of the Free", "A Mighty Rainstorm" by Jessica Contreras

Art: "Anything But Christ" by Steve Sanders

Short Stories: "Sowing Seeds in Sinking Sand", "What Goes into the Fire" by Jonathan Matos

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More From this Author