Graphically Christian Studios : Gauntlet Magazine #1: Call to Action | Summer 2014

Gauntlet Magazine #1: Call to Action | Summer 2014

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Comics & Graphic Novels, Religion & Spirituality

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C. S. Lewis, Ray Bradbury, Brian Michael Bendis, Cormac McCarthy, Joss Whedon

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36 pages


Graphically Christian Studios

Publication Date

August 2014



About the Book    About the Author

An anthology of Christian comics, prose, and poetry. Includes:

Spade: Join Philadelphia's Wild Card as he combats a city of crime, without compromise. Can one man make a difference? Find out!

Meta 4: The story of Mary, a teenage psychic who finds herself pursued by a curious classmate, and a shadowy organization.

World Without Water: Imagine if all the world's liquid suddenly vanished. Wake up with a Jersey tour boat captain as his world comes together just as everyone else's world is falling apart.

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