Gavin E Parker : Ephialtes


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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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parcom entertainment

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22 September 2015



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In 2241 the dominant superpower on Earth, the USAN, successfully concludes the fourth world war. The nation breathes a sigh of relief and looks forward to the resumption of elections.

Across the solar system the leading industrialist in the USAN’s small colony on Mars is thinking about independence. When the Martian population votes in favour Mars secedes from the union.

It seems to be a fait accompli until it’s suggested that a massive dropship carrying spacecraft, Ephialtes, built to patrol the Earth, could be refitted for interplanetary spaceflight. Maybe the USAN could use its military might to persuade the colonists to reconsider.

With an enormous instrument war of heading toward them the Martians resolve to defend their independence. Limited resources force them to rely on wit and ingenuity as they prepare their defences. Can they prevail against the mighty Ephialtes?

Political intrigue, heart-pounding action and page-turning drama abound in this gripping opening to the Ephialtes Trilogy.

Editorial Reviews

"The story effectively generates suspense for the inevitable confrontation between the two planets . . . An absorbing, inventive introduction
to Parker's version of the 23rd century, where politics still reign." - Kirkus Reviews

"For fans of this kind of military sci-fi, there's every reason to pick this
title up. The book is an exceptional example of its genre that does all
it sets out for succinctly, but pushes for a full, fleshed-out trilogy
as something to look forward to: a trilogy that seems likely to meet
expectations. The book oozes quality throughout." - Self-Publishing
Review, 4 Stars

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