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Understand and uncover your blind spots—and dramatically

improve and accelerate your business leadership decisions!

Gary W. Patterson, a 30-year senior management veteran, knows the risks that sink leaders when they’re not looking. Whether in sales, marketing, operations, information technology, or human capital, there’s something here for anyone in business looking to close the information gap, and impress the boss’s boss.

Hailed as a commonsense, value-added approach to risk management, Gary’s book helps executives unearth key risk areas and identify opportunities leading to sustainable growth, buzz-worthy customer value, and impressive profitability.

Gary has been interviewed by or presented internationally to publications and groups such as American Management Association, Entrepreneur, The CEO Magazine (AU), Directors & Boards, Risk Management Magazine and More magazine. A KPMG CPA with an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Gary has 30 years’ experience working with CEOs, board members, executive teams, private equity investors, and entrepreneurs to help them identify and manage the risk factors previously sapping their balance sheets and bottom line