Gary Karp : Clarity is Power: The 5 Steps to Creating Empowering Goals that will Excite and Inspire You

Clarity is Power: The 5 Steps to Creating Empowering Goals that will Excite and Inspire You

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Clarity is Power is based on Gary's successful Goal Setting workshops. Gary has help thousands of people design the life of their dreams and achieve their dreams so they could lead more fulfilling, happier lives. Now, Gary puts the tools and strategies in your hands and leads you step by step through each one so you can achieve your dreams and live the life you have only dreamed of.

  • Discover the 5 Steps of Gary's CLEAR system.
  • Learn why Willpower is not enough
  • Find out the mistake most people make that prevents them achieving their goals

Editorial Reviews

"Gary's approach to setting goals and taking forward moving actions to achieve them indeed provides Clarity! I love his 5 step process -- it's simple but not at all simplistic. In fact, it cuts to the chase in terms of what's worth focusing on and what's actually a distraction. I especially like his reminder not to judge -- our own doubts about what we're doing always seem to get in our way, usually as judgments. Not good enough, not fast enough, not far enough, not big enough -- these thoughts often stop us, while scientists, as Gary points out, take each step as forward movement even those that only shed light on what doesn't work! Thank you for this useful guide for success seekers -- not just in career but every part of life. I will certainly recommend it to my coaching clients and use it for myself!" ~ Barbara Schiffman, author and owner,

"Finally! A book (that is more like a workbook) that tells us exactly what we need to do to create and reach our goals. Details…it’s all in the details. Step by step Gary walks us through his goal setting process. What do you really want? Do you know what you really want? Buy the book, work through this process with Gary showing you the way. I recommend this book to anyone who dreams of a better life, anyone who owns (or wants to own) a business and anyone who wants to gain a clear picture of exactly where reaching goals can take them." - Mary Nale, owner and publisher, Attune Magazine.

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