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Garrett Robinson is an independent author and entrepeneur who embodies the spirit of the modern indie writer. Today’s up-and-coming authors don’t make a name for themselves in the hallowed halls of the traditional publishing industry, and they certainly don’t gain fandom by putting out a book every couple of years.

Garrett entered the self-publishing world with a bang, releasing his debut novel to thousands of downloads and numerous favorable reviews. Since then he’s been described as “one of the hardest-working guys out there” (Sean Platt, co-author of The Beam) prompting David W. Wright (co-author of Yesterday’s Gone) to say, “Mark my words, Garrett WILL be a name you know.”

After publishing his first work in December of 2012, Garrett has published more than twenty-five titles in 2013. While he writes mostly in science fiction and fantasy, Garrett has also delved into thrillers (Hit Girls) and has an upcoming literary fiction novel (Rebel Yell).