Garrett Larson : Generation Jones: Neon

Generation Jones: Neon

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Generation Jones: Neon is a tour de force spectacle. This fictional and highly humorous series shines a light on human character, friendship, faith, sexuality (including same-sex attractions-whoa!), the film industry, and the overall human condition in relation to the experience of living in the strangeness of the 21st century.

Fictional. Funny. Real. Relevant. Relatable.

Heartfelt. Fun. Dramatic. Substantial.

A fresh look at how we interact with each other in the 21st century, what it all means, and why we are here.


Please enjoy the sample of part one!



"You have all of these people."

"I guess I just want one person. Or people. Someone that really cares. And will care for a lifetime."

"I need assistance, you know. ...? I am simply restless! In this world!"

They need assistance; they need each other? They need kindness. You know? Don't we all?

Generation Jones: A Series


Garrett Larson

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Amanda Shepard


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