Garrett Larson : For Such a Time as This

For Such a Time as This

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About the Book    About the Author

Love = Life? Life = ? God Chose for Us to Be Here, Now. Why?

here and now, now and here. ...

For Such a Time as This

About this project:Intermixed/remixed at times – boom – I present to you selectpieces from my art collection spanning between 2008 -2017 – in no particular order – sprinkled with thoughts on life and related! Enjoy!

Art / thoughts on life, here and now, now and here. ...

By, Garrett Larson

Art look-book / ebook of thoughts on life and related! Fo free! :)

Promotional ebook - enjoy!

Please email with art inquires.


By Garrett L. Larson

All rights reserved. © 2017.

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Editorial Reviews

"I love it! His art is really moving! This book got me super emotional in a good way!" - Private

"Garrett has a way of examining thoughts and ideas most people have, but are not interested in discussing aloud. He works those thoughts in
and through his art in a bold and fascinating way." - Private

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