Mike Gagnon : The Island of Dr. Morose Script Book

The Island of Dr. Morose Script Book

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Hammer Books

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Apr 16 2016



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If you've read the independent satire, sci-fi, horror sensation that is the Island of Dr. Morose; you know how deliciously gruesome, gory and gritty it is.What you may not know is that author Mike Gagnon originally conceived of the book as a graphic novel, a project that was completely plotted, fully scripted before the project ultimately died. Like any great story, or zombie, it just wouldn't rest, rising again as the internationally distributed and fan lauded novel we know and love. Now here, the author presents the original texts. All the plot and chapter breakdowns, character bios, and the complete original graphic novel script, exposed like the entrails of a bloated corpse on the beach, just before you realize that corpse is moving, gnawing on your ankle and working it's way toward your brain!

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