Mike Gagnon : The Illusion of Freedom

The Illusion of Freedom

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Nov 2017



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Look around at the world we live in.

Isn't there something wrong? Don't you feel powerless to make a positive change? Don't the problems of the world feel so big, so overwhelming, that you feel defeated? Like you can't possibly make a difference? So you don't even start? What if I told you, you could change that? What if I said that the interests and influence of a select few groups have purposely orchestrated society, to make you feel that way? What if I told you, your own freedom is an illusion, and that the current monetary system is designed to enslave you for the benefit of others, while simultaneously convincing you that you aren't enslaved? If that rings true to you, even a little bit, you should read this book. It has been transcribed from an audio recording of the author, in free flow form of consciousness, expressing his theories on this society and been made available as widely and cheaply as possible, so that all people can decide for themselves if they feel the same way, and if so, change the world that we live in.

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