Mike Gagnon : The Bigfoot Coloring Sampler

The Bigfoot Coloring Sampler

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October 1st 2018



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A shadow in the cedars, a flash of movement through a field of long grass. Is it a man? Or something else? For centuries aboriginal cultures the world over have spoken of the Hairy Man, Yeti or Sasquatch. Those are just a few of the mans of a mysterious, some say mythical, creature also known as Bigfoot. Is he real? Some say no, while others firmly believe they've seen this magnificent and terrifying creature face to face. Others, aren't sure either way. In this coloring book, bestselling author and illustrator Mike Gagnon explores the possibilities of the creature; What might they look like? How might they behave?, all in a relaxing and enjoyable coloring book format.

This sample lets you have a peek at 6 black and white coloring pages from "The Bigfoot Coloring Book".

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