Mike Gagnon : Skidsville - Sample

Skidsville - Sample

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Arts, Suspense

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Stephen King, Fred Hembeck, E.L. James, Scott McCloud, Laurell K. Hamilton

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Hammer Books

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Jan. 16 2016



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In a thick air of desperation, this book tells the story of a dark and doomed hero, driven by an unstoppable urge to unveil the truth behind his mother’s death and correct the wrong done. Years later and living like an outcast, Joey’s only ambition in life is to prove his father’s innocence and escape his life of crime, once and for all. However, fate seems to be full of irony and Joey will now have to pay a high price…As he slowly puts the missing pieces of the puzzle together, he only wishes he had left the crime unsolved. Written by comic creator Mike Gagnon, a passionate and established author (Marvel, Dark Horse), this story offers an intriguing read, with a dark hero, who might just have to pay penance for his actions.

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