Fresh Romance : Fresh Romance #1

Fresh Romance #1

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Courtney Milan, Lisa Kleypas, Diana Gabaldon, Joelle Jones, Jamie S. Rich

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Rosy Press

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Issue 1 of FRESH ROMANCE features three stories:

School Spirit

School Spirit is a lighthearted take on classic high school romances with two queer women in the lead. Because Malie and Justine want to keep their romance a secret, they pretend to be competing over the same guy, Miles, but Miles also has a secret.

Created by: Kate Leth Arielle Jovellanos Amanda Scurti Taylor Esposito


Ruined is a classic Regency romance, with lots of attention to period details. Catherine and Andrew are getting married – but neither one of them is happy about it.

Created by: Sarah Vaughn Sarah Winifred Searle Ryan Ferrier

The Ruby Equation

The Ruby Equation is a story about love in a coffee shop – where barista Ruby is on a mission to help people find love so she doesn’t have to deal with people anymore.

Created by: Sarah Kuhn Sally Jane Thompson Savanna Ganucheau Steve Wands

Editorial Reviews

"The result of an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign by publisher Janelle Asselin, Fresh Romance from Rosy Press is an anthology style, romance comic that features a wide selection of well-known talent such as Kate Leth and Marguerite Bennett. With stories that deviate from the heteronormative standard, Fresh Romance takes a progressive stance on romance and highlights diversity in terms of creators, genres, and character design. Heartwarming, giggle-inducing, and cute as hell, Fresh Romance is truly joyous to behold." -

"Who says the romance genre is dead? Fresh Romance calls back to the classic romance comics of the 1950’s in the best way possible, while also putting a contemporary spin on the genre. Each issue follows an anthology format, offering a diverse lineup of creators, characters and storytelling styles. It’s the sort of comic that would struggle to find an audience as a traditional print comic, which is why we’re glad Comixology provided a different option." -

"I had never read a straightforward romance comic before, but I’m super glad that Fresh Romance #1 was my introduction to the genre. Showing three very different, but all very enjoyable, chapters in romance stories, Fresh Romance #1, edited by Janelle Asselin, has something for everyone. My favorite story is “School Spirit,” written by Kate Leth, with art by Arielle Jovellanos and colors by Amanda Scurti. This supernatural and queer high school romance hits all the right notes when it comes to humor, drama and teenage love. The other comics, “Ruined” and “Ruby’s Equation” just make this issue even better, providing nice changes of pace and their own pleasant art and stories." -

Four stars on Goodreads:"Once again something that I just got from noisetrade!!!This is just the beginning of a series and I love it. There are three completely different stories in there but they are all about love.The graphics are really beautiful and the stories are just really great written. Super easy to read. I seriously can't wait to see how things will develope."

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