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Inspired by his fourth-grade teacher, a full-blooded Seminole Indian, and, later, a college professor, Frank Walters Clark's fascination with writing began with short stories and poetry, then progressed into novels and screen plays. His body of works includes a detective series, featuring Jazz Malone: Lie Down with Silk and Daggers; a work-in-process, Lie Down with Cellos and Nightshade; and more than thirty short stories and four dozen poems.

Frank's feature articles have appeared in magazines such as Chevy Rumble, Family & Performance Boating, 4 X 4 Builder and Ford Builder.

His newsprint articles appeared in the St. Petersburg Times, Lansing State Journal, and The Oracle, University of South Florida's student newspaper.

Writing, story telling, reading, classical music, Nature, contemplation and meditation are his passions. He presently lives with his cats, Banjo and Billie, in Riverview, FL.