Frank Marcopolos : Womyn Do: The Healing of JOHNNY R3BEL

Womyn Do: The Healing of JOHNNY R3BEL

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Religion & Spirituality, Fiction & Literature

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J.D. Salinger, Dave Eggers, Haruki Murakami, Kingsley Amis, David Foster Wallace

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23 pages


Kykeon Media

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About the Book    About the Author

This is experimental in form for sure, but I wanted to write a story that was fun to read while playing with style, format, and theme. It tells the story of a man who seems successful in many ways, but has significant blockages holding him back. A remarkable woman holds the key to setting him truly free.

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Editorial Reviews

"And it is this resolution of a plight that make for some of the most winningly bizarre verbiage and thoughts and reading to come along in a while....this kind of story takes many risks – and succeeds." - Grady Harp

"This is not a book for the faint of heart, nor for those who are easily offended by some rather off-color subject matter or speech. Marcopolos is a unique author, and his earlier published work is evidence of that as well. By striking at the core of some serious issues that we face as two very different genders, the author... is concise and passionate, and endlessly creative. For such a brief and fascinating read, Womyn Do is something that will stick in your memory..." - John J. Staughton

"I found this to be an excellent portrayal of how we are often our own worst inhibitor to joy and how self doubt and past disappointments can hinder our vision of our true selves. I like the way the two people connected and then the insecure one started to see himself through the eyes of the other after allowing himself to be truly open and vulnerable and in that moment his true self shined and he realized he was worthy and beautiful." - Sherry Thompson

"Hardly your average reading fare but for those readers with a quirky sense of humor, it should be right up your alley." - Marta Cheng

"What I found was a clever, sharp-witted and unique story that genuinely made me think about gender relations in a new way." - Veritas Vincint

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