Frank Aaron Florence : Amazing Amazon (FBA) - Work From Home the Easy Way

Amazing Amazon (FBA) - Work From Home the Easy Way

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Best Selling Author Frank Aaron Florence will show you how to make a living from home through Amazon’s amazing FBA program. This step-by-step guide will show you how to free up your time and earn a real living through Amazon, even if you’ve never sold anything online before.

Frank’s system has almost no start-up costs, and he even shows you how to start making money right away while you de-clutter your house. Once you understand the basics Florence show how to go from a beginner to a master with the Amazon FBA program. You will quickly go from making a little bit of small cash to making a full-time income.

In this book you will learn:

  • Why Sell Your Stuff on
  • All About FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon);
  • What are the Advantages to Using FBA?
  • What Should You Sell on
  • What Do You Need to Start Selling on
  • How Much Are Your Media Items Worth?
  • Creating Your Seller Account;
  • Listing & Pricing Your Merchandise;
  • Specific Examples of Book Pricing;
  • Shipping Your Merchandise to Amazon;
  • Cleaning & Packing Your Inventory;
  • Getting to Know Your Seller Account;
  • Sign up for International Shipping;
  • Fulfillment by Amazon Settings;
  • Your Shipping Queue;
  • Managing Your Inventory;
  • Your Customer Metrics Summary, Ratings & Feedback;
  • Professional Account Extra Features;
  • Becoming a Better Bookseller;
  • Tools to Make Bookselling Easy;
  • Use FBA Across the Web and more...

If you want a magic solution that will make money fall into your lap, this book isn’t for you. But, if you want to work harder and smarter, and build a business that will give you more free time and the income to live the life you want, you need to download this guide today.

Frank shows you how anyone can build an online business working part time from home. He isn’t just some armchair expert either. Not only is he the best-selling author of multiple books about selling on Amazon, but he also successfully built his own Amazon business, while on vacation overseas.

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