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My name is Frank Aaron Florence and I started selling items on Amazon way back in 2006. At first, I just tested a few ideas. To my surprise, I had such huge success that a few months later I was able to “retire” from my day job and I have been selling online full time ever since.

Not only has the money been great, but I’ve also been able to live in over 30 countries across the world while running my online business that only requires a few hours per week. That’s it. I spend the rest of my time enjoying travel, friends, food, and everything fun that life has to offer.

Years ago, I was first building my business, I realized that the missing link to attaining maximum success was learning all the techniques and tricks involved in sourcing an endless supply of the most profitable inventory on Amazon, so I set out to learn absolutely everything I could about that process.

The more I learned, the more my Amazon business prospered. I became respected as one of the most knowledgeable people in the industries of online selling and sourcing inventory.

I hope to share the knowledge I have attained with others who desire flexible work hours, high profits, and a stable, enjoyable standard of living.