Francis W. Porretto : An Indie Writer's Odyssey

An Indie Writer's Odyssey

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There’s a new force abroad in the land: the independent writer of fiction: He who can create his own original stories; perform (or arrange for) editing, required artwork, and promotional blurbs; and promote his creations by himself. We have the conventional publishing world in terror. If you’re a fellow indie, perhaps you’ll enjoy this collection of thoughts on our common avocation.

Editorial Reviews

The book is clear, down to earth, with touches of humour. I love the Author's style of writing. It is a must for anyone who wants to break into the world of indie writing. Many thanks Francis for your book.-- Jennifer Massey

The best book I've read about writing. Clear, simple and informative. I would recommend this to any fledgling or experienced author, there is something in there to be learned by anyone. And for free, who can complain? -- Jessica Cambrook

All indie writers need to read this, especially if they are not among the 1% of gifted writers Mr. Porretto refers to. Thanks to the author for making his trenchant observations free to us. Much good stuff involving all aspects of the writing experience, from creation through publicizing. Excellent. -- Garry Puffer

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