Forest York : The King of Instruments

The King of Instruments

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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Wm. Paul Young, Shusaku Endo, Peter Heller

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Connor vividly remembers the memories he shared with his wife, Constance. For Connor, she is the epitome of perfection--beautiful, compassionate, and gentle. He can think of countless reasons why he fell in love with her, but he has no idea what she saw in him. The more he lingers on the image of her, the more his pain throbs. She is his life, and with her gone, he has nowhere to go. Connor's friends console him, but no consolation can appease his loss. He tries to restore normalcy, but he cannot imagine his life before her. He feels as if he had her from the very beginning. After a chance encounter with a small boy, he begins to consider the worth of his life. One day, no matter how he wants to keep holding on to her, will he find it in his heart to let her go--for his and her peace of mind, or will he become ensnared in a net of depression, evil, or murder?

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"Emotionally fantastic! Gripping" - Anonymous Online Reviewer

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